In Camp
  • Camp Iona is set on 2.2ha, with areas of flat to sloping lawns and a sealed area in front of the hall.
  • On one side is a confidence course set amongst native bush. You will discover a large stainless steel slide here too.

  • Adventure activities operators are available to run your activities. Contact
  • Youthtown, +64 27 4067013.
  • Vertical Ventures,
  • Adventure Masters:  Ph/fax 03 4767634.

Orienteering Course

Here is an Orienteering map and questions that you can download and print. All points are within the camp boundary.

Iona Orienteering Course Map
Orienteering Course Questions
Close to Camp
  • Nearby, Glencoe Domain set in the midst of native bush, has a larger sports area.
  • Well used tracks in the native bush beside the Waianakarua River are a delight to explore.
  • There is a rock face in the river gorge that can be used for adventure rock climbing.
Within Reach of Camp
  • The privately owned Port Blakely Herbert Forest, while just across the Waianakarua River, is best accessed via Breakneck Road through the Waianakarua township. Public walking access is allowed, with three native bush tracks of various lengths to explore.  There are some large podocarp trees here, and you will be serenaded by the bellbirds and other native birds. A steel ladder enables you to climb beside a waterfall.

Herbert Walking Tracks Map 2012 blank compressed

  • PLEASE NOTE: The forest is private property and there may be times when access is closed, such as during high fire danger or when there are operations in progress. We would therefore ask that people respect any closures and obey any signage that is in place
  • McKerrows Pond  is suitable for water sports, and has canoes and yachts available. Their web site is>mckerrows-pond, and there is a booking calendar for date selection.
  • Vanished World trail is a North Otago wide self-drive trail to explore the ancient geological history of the district. Their website is
  • Historic Oamaru, New Zealand’s onlyVictorian Town, is well worth a visit.
  • The world  renowned Moeraki Boulders are just down the road. , as is the Shag Point boulder walk, accessible only at low tide.
  • There are various day walks within easy distance of Camp Iona. Contact the North Otago Tramping and Mountaineering Club for ideas.

Health and Safety Policy

July 2021

The Camp Iona Charitable Trust is committed to continuous improvement in Health and Safety and undertakes to :

Provide each camper, contractor and volunteer with a safe and healthy camp site.

To take all practicable actions to prevent accidents and protect campers, members of the public or contractors from injuries and promote the health and well being of all who enter Camp Iona grounds.

In meeting this commitment the Trust will:

  1. Establish and insist upon safe methods and safe practices at all times,
  2. Comply with all legislative requirements, codes of practice and safe operating procedures relevant to camp sites.
  3. Ensure that all accidents and incidents are accurately reported and recorded.

The Trust acknowledges its ongoing commitment to and responsibility for maintaining the highest possible health and safety standards and is a matter of prime concern to the Board.

Every group of campers, contractors and volunteers are expected to share in the commitment to this policy. The Trust encourages all who enter the Camp to take responsibility for their own safety and also of others while on the Camp property and to actively involve themselves in the health and safety process.


Safety objectives are to be reassessed annually as part of the annual review. The objectives of the Safety Policy are:

1 To achieve and maintain an accident free campsite.

2 To make Health and Safety an integral part of every camp program.

3 To ensure Health and Safety is considered in all planning of camp activities.

4 To identify and control all potential hazards within Iona Campsite through hazard identification and risk analysis.

5 To ensure all potential accidents/incidents are prevented, or at best, controlled.

Location of Accident Registrar, Hazard Registrar, Contractors and Volunteers Registrar & Safety Manual

These documents are all located in the Camp Office

Safety Contacts

Camp Iona caretaker    Rachel Cargill, phone 022 150 0395.

Board Safety Officer.                 Colin Harvey 027 222 1900

They are the first contacts on any safety issue.

Location of First Aid Kits

First aid kits are located in the Moeraki kitchen and in the Caretaker office.

Location of Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are located in the Moeraki Kitchen, Kakanui Hall, Ken Gemmell Lodge and Caretaker Office.

 Charitable Trust Responsibilities

To ensure that Health and Safety policies and procedures are implemented.

Identify and report to the Camp Caretaker and Safety Officer any hazards, potential hazards, accidents or near misses.

To ensure the Caretaker informs Camp leaders about any hazards within the Campsite.

Responsibilities of Groups Hiring Camp Iona

On arrival at Camp Iona, leaders are to sign in with NZ Covid 19 tracer code, which are on the entrance gate and the door of Ken Gemmell Lodge. . Leaders to have a list of their group’s names and addresses for contact tracing.

To make contact with Camp Caretaker and be informed of Camp facilities and hazards. Touch areas used frequently are the responsibility of camp leaders during each camp. Camp Iona provides hand sanitisers.

To report to the Camp Caretaker or Safety Officer, any potential hazards not already known within the Camp Iona grounds.

To report to the Camp Caretaker or Safety officer, any unsafe or faulty equipment.

To be aware of instructions for emergencies and to familiarise themselves with these instructions.

In the event of an emergency evacuation, the assembly area is by the RED CROSS, on grassed area, beyond hall, near the two concrete water tanks.

Group leaders are to ensure that no one climbs onto either of the concrete water tanks or the roof of any of Camp Iona buildings.

The use of the adventure playground area is to be strictly supervised by group leaders.

Camp Iona is smoke free in all buildings, and an alcohol and drug free camp site.

While on Camp Iona property, all campers are responsible for ensuring their own safety and the safety of others as far as practicable.

Safety Committee Responsibilities

Safety Committee consists of elected members of the Camp Iona Charitable Trust    Colin Harvey, Safety Officer,   Bruce Plant,   John Coutts.         Caretaker Contractor Rachel Cargill

Touch areas used frequently are cleaned between camps. Camp Iona provides hand sanitisers.

To inform group leaders of camp facilities, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, the need of supervision of the use of adventure playground, assembly area, no alcohol and no drug policy,

Record all accidents and near misses in the Accident Registrar.

Record any new hazards in Hazard Registrar.

Investigate accidents and near misses as recorded in Accident Registrar and advise the Trust of the results and recommendations for improvement.

Regularly check campsite to identify potential hazards.