About Camp Iona

Camp Iona is owned  by the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand and is managed by the Camp Iona Management Board.

The Boards goal is to encourage the use of the camp for church, community and educational groups at affordable cost. We desire to provide a setting where children and adults can have new experiences, learn new skills and so discover a more holistic way of life.

Surrounded by bush and farmland you will find it a tranquil setting for your camp.

Our Caretaker is Rachel Cargill.


Camp Iona Campsite

Camp Iona
35 Tulliemet Rd.   Herbert
R D 80
Oamaru 9495

Ph 034395607                            email; campionaherbert@gmail.com

Thanks to the passion, vision and determination of a small group of men in 1938, Camp Iona has grown from humble beginning to an attraction for groups of all beginnings.